Ever Have One of Those Moments?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re going about your merry way, and all of a sudden, bam! you all of a sudden feel as if everything has become brighter?  Or how about you go to work on the same route every day for five years and you finally notice that beautiful park just blocks away from your office building?  Or how about that one person who you just can’t seem to get along with, you’re finally able to have a conversation with them without wanting to bang your head against the wall?

That’s what this blog is about – a collection of these wonderful lightbulb moments where you realise that life just doesn’t have to be that difficult.  It’s about learning that there IS a choice to everything, and journey taken, which at times, is the path less travelled.  It’s about the great, laugh your belly out times, the really bad “I don’t think I can go on” times, and the times in-between. It’s the “struck by lightning times” and the “I’m so filled with warm and cozy” times.  All in all, it’s about living and learning.

I know I’m not alone with this.  We all have these moments, and this journey is as much as yours as it’s mine.  Let’s share what we have learned with each other, this way we can feel more connected.

4 thoughts on “Ever Have One of Those Moments?

  1. Ghandi says:

    I suddenly feel as if everything has become brighter….
    Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
    Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
    Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste

    Well done!


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