I’m a Princess

Don’t wait for Prince Charming, because he’s too lazy to leave his castle. Wait for your Knight in Shining Armor who will fight for you. – Anonymous

I’m a romantic.  A huge romantic.  I read all kinds of romance novels when I was younger, and I fantasized what it would be like to be swept off my feet by a tall, dark, handsome man.  I want the roses and chocolates.  I want to be taken out to dinner at a nice fancy restaurant, and then go dancing.  I want the works.  I want to be a Princess. What girl doesn’t?

All my life I wanted my Prince Charming to arrive.  I pictured it in my mind what it would be like when he did.  With anticipation as I sat in the bell tower, on the lookout for my Prince riding on his stallion, making his way towards the castle.  I was anxious for him to come and save me, to pick me up in his arms and carry me off into the sunset. And so I waited for him, and waited, and waited …. I was bored stiff, twirling my hair with a finger and blowing bubbles with my chewing gum…I waited.

And he never came.  And so rather than being Rapunzel, I became Fiona (from Shrek Forever After).  Basically, I had to free myself out of the tower and I had to fight for myself.  I had to become independent, self-reliant – become a Warrior Princess.

At times I relied on others for help, and am grateful for what they have provided.  But there is something about being able to do things for yourself – a satisfying feeling.  Being pushed into a corner where you are forced to look inside yourself, dig deep and pull out every ounce of strength and courage is empowering, despite all the fear you feel.  I’ve broke down crying many times, thinking that my life was hopeless but then I felt something move inside. My Warrior Princess speaks up and says “Come on girl, put on your big girl pants!”

I had the belief that if I was to be a Warrior Princess, that I couldn’t have a Prince Charming.  It wasn’t possible for them to co-exist.  I still longed desperately for that Prince Charming, and I met him.  We lived happily together.  Sure we had our rough patches, but it didn’t seem so bad at the time, or so I thought.  Until my lightbulb went off and I realized that my Warrior Princess was smothered and shackled, and I had lost myself, and he wasn’t the Prince Charming I was dreaming of.

I had a tough decision to make.

And I had to think thoroughly what I wanted.  I still want the romance (which I never did get), I still want someone who will treat me like a princess, and I still want to be a Warrior Princess.  But how could all this be possible?  I promised myself that I would not compromise myself this time though.  I know what I want, and I will find him.  I know that he exists, I will just wait.  But this time I won’t be in a bell tower waiting to be saved.  No, I won’t.  I will be enjoying my days.  And I won’t be on the look-out for Prince Charming either. And I will not settle for anything less than the Knight of My Love.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Princess

  1. Wow, Smartie, you are so right!
    And being a true romantic myself, I believe that you deserve to be treated as a princess!!
    I hope you are going to be treated as one soon, by your knight!

    Love your blog, BTW! Great writing, and you look terrific too! 🙂


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