I’ve decided to do something a bit different today.  I’ve decided to share with you a poem which I wrote a while back.


We are unchangeable. At birth, it has been decided for us who we will be for the rest of our lives. Our DNA is our instruction booklet, our family history, our road map.

As we grow older, we:

  • experience life
  • find love
  • develop habits
  • encounter loss
  • face fears
  • learn from our mistakes
  • change!

So this suggests that: Our life hasn’t been decided for us. Our DNA doesn’t account for ALL of who we are. We can find ways to become more than what we are today.

If need be, we can change to the point that we don’t recognize ourselves. We can take the road without a compass, without a map. Yes, finding our way back can be difficult. The risk? The journey will change us.

This means one thing: Nothing is set in stone. And if you find something you love so much, don’t let it go. Hold onto it, throw yourself deeper into it, and embrace it. Close your eyes, take a step into the warm sunlight, thank GodIsLove.

And whatever happens; happens.

Live YOUR life the way YOU want to.



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