A Princess, An Order and An Abbey

“Every girl pretends she is a princess at one point, no matter how little, her life is like that.”  ~ Alex Flinn, Beastly

When I was a little girl, I sure did pretend that I was a princess.  And then, while doing a professional search on my family’s last name, I found out that way, way back in time, the family name came from a line of Barons.  How cool is that?!!!  So naturally, the princess thing lasted a bit longer than normal.  How many people can say that they come from a noble line?

While in Paris we decided to take a day trip to Normandy to visit Mont Saint Michel which at one point hosted a Benedictine abbey.  To me, it looks like a gothic castle.  It’s a beautiful castle, with big walls surrounding it, narrow walkways and lots of mysteries. My princess dream had awoken once again, and my imagination was running wild.

What has made Mont Saint Michel fascinating is its location and how this castle becomes separated from the mainland at high tide when the causeway is flooded by the sea, and essentially becomes an island.  There are warnings everywhere which advise where to park because if you don’t abide by those rules, and depending how much of the tide has come in, you can kiss your car goodbye.  The dudes who built this place knew what they were doing, and knew how to protect themselves. And of course, this also means that a princess would be protected 🙂

I was pulled into this place, into the mystery of it all.  Not only was it an abbey, but the Order of Saint Michel was also located here.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Knights.  You know, in shinning armour!!!  They were the highest Order in France at one point, and all the knights met on a yearly basis here.  You need knights around if there is going to be a princess, no?  Imagine them sitting in the Knights Hall.  Those are their crests hanging in from the ceiling.

To add to the energy of my visit, I found this place mysterous as well. There were many locked doors, and so I coulnd’t help myself but to begin peeking into key holes. To my amazement I found blocked stair ways, and hall ways.  Where did they go?  I wanted to know.  I tried going down one flight of stairs, and made it to the bottom.  It was really dark, and then I heard an eerie noise so I chickened out and ran back up the stairs as fast as I could.

There was also a beautiful courtyard, and I would imaging a princess running through the courtyard calling out to her knight.  Important meetings would take place there.  (I did tell you I was getting caught up in all of it, didn’t I?)

The trip was memorable.  I only had one regret.  The bus ride back to town left before the full tide could come in.  I didn’t get to see the beautiful castle become an island.  It would have been amazing to see the ground which I was walking on disappear under the sea water.  There is only one thing that I can do about this.  I guess it means that I just have to go back again, and continue the fairy tale…hehehe


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