Ever Think About The Dying?

A while ago I was presented with the opportunity to read a book called The Soul Midwives’ Handbook, by Felicity Warner.  Admittedly, I was drawn to it, and very curious about what it had to say, especially as my father had died four years ago.  The book was about dying, and how to care for those who are dying, be a companion, a comfort.  I have to say, I would recommend this book to anyone who knows someone dying, or wants to help anyone who is dying.  I guess I have strange interests in reading material, but the information in this book is invaluable.

While reading this book I could see how individuals who work in the healthcare and hospice industries could greatly gain from it.  This books takes the reader through what a Soul Midwife is, how to care for the dying and even provides a “toolkit” for the Soul Midwife.

This book also talks to different traditions around the world which are used to comfort a person as they approach end of life, and then cross over into the afterlife.  What I liked about the book the most is that she doesn’t focus just on one belief system, but rather provides wisdom and insight from multiple faiths.

I must admit, it wasn’t a light read, and requires attention as the subject matter isn’t really one that may appeal to just anyone.  However, Felicity provides a candid tone, and her extensive experience shines through.  I found this book thought-provoking, and it brings a new understanding to a subject that many, including me previously, shied away from.

I received The Soul Midwives’ Handbook: The Holistic & Spiritual Care of the Dying by Felicity Warner as part of my participation in Hay House’s Book Nook program.



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