2014 & 2015

Dear Friends & Family,

A couple of weeks ago I sat with a pen and paper and listed all my accomplishments in 2014. I was pleasantly surprised at the list because going into this exercise, I really didn’t think much happened.

And then I listed all the things that needed to be acknowledged in order to be released – the not so great times, the anger, the grief. That too was quite the list, but it felt good to get it out of my system. I felt as if it wasn’t weighing me down any longer.

Finally, I created a list of what I want to bring into 2015, what I want to do, feel, give and receive. The list is pages long, I must say, and it will be an exciting challenge to get them all done. I’ve also come to know that all I want to accomplish may not happen, because this is the way life goes, and I am ok with it. It won’t keep me from trying.

But one thing I have come to realize is that although this was done two weeks ago, and today is the last day in 2014, that my intention, the energy I gave to the exercise, had already set things in motion and so my resolve to let go, to bring in, to receive and to gift won’t begin tomorrow, the first day of 2015, because it had already begun two weeks ago.

So my friends, after this big shpeal, my point is this: Yes, January 1, 2015 is a good day to start to make changes, but the real change begins when you get real about making a change. And so when you fall off the wagon, which we all do, just pick yourself up and start again. Your intention is where you put your attention – is it the failing or the trying?

My darling friends and family, my wish to you is that the ending to your 2014 be peaceful and your 2015 be filled with abundance.

Love you,


One thought on “2014 & 2015

  1. Lalo says:

    Right back atcha! May the new year bring with it exciting possibilities of wonderment.
    Most of all, may it bring happiness, health and peace. We farewell 2014 with gratitude for all our blessings and challenges we overcame. May God bless you and yours. Love you xo


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