We are officially Peregrinos. We started our Camino today, well this afternoon at around 2:30 and wasn’t another pilgrim in sight.  We were walking in the right direction, we followed the arrows and sea shells that lead the way, but we seemed alone. I couldn’t figure out why.

But as we walked on, I started to figure out why. The sun was scorching down on us.  I would take advantage of any bit of shade I could find. It was friggin hot. The kind that could easily make you dizzy.

We started our journey in the afternoon because we had quite the adventure arriving to Leon yesterday. After the two hour delay at Pearson, we had to wait two and a half hours to get through customs in Barcelona. From there, what we thought would be a 4 hour drive to Leon, actually turned out to be almost 8. That didn’t bring us into the city until 10:30pm.


Our couch surfing hosts were awesome and seemed to take things in stride. They actually felt like old friends. They cooked dinner for us, and afterwards, at 12:30am we went out into town. I don’t remember the last time I did that.

Needless to say, with getting in at 2am, we slept in, which meant it took time to get ready.  But we did it. We walked through Leon, through a few other towns and saw the most amazing things.  And now we’re in the town of Villadangos del Paramo.


As we checked our boots by the front door, I saw these tiny ones and wondered if there was a kid, or if the owner had really small feet.  But as I walked to the beds, there he was, dead to the world asleep. I found out that he is six years old, has been walking since France and walks between 33-38 klms a day!


We’re sitting in the front courtyard of the Auberge waiting for the fiesta to begin.  I doubt we’ll see much because one thing I’ve noticed is that the Spaniards like to do things late at night and don’t actually go out until after 10pm.

Tomorrow morning is an early start and so I will have to get to bed, in a room with 30 other people, and I get the top bunk!


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