A Remembrance Day to Remember

Today is Remembrance Day.  November 11, 2015.  Every year since I was a child I would stop what I was doing at 11am to pay homage to all the brave men and women who served in the wars.  This year was the same. But this year was also very different. I read the stories about … Continue reading A Remembrance Day to Remember

A Big Lesson Learned

We're waiting for our train to arrive in Ourense station.  We've completed 311 kilometers of our Camino from Leon to Santiago De Compostela.  Our plans changed last minute, as we were going to walk an additional 100 klms to Finesterre, the famous and beautiful beach just west of Santiago where many pilgrims go to relax. … Continue reading A Big Lesson Learned

The Way

How do you explain The Camino? I don't know how to answer this question. And I've heard it asked many times by different people, and I hear the same words over and over....I don't know. I've attempted to answer this question myself. I can't either. You see, The Camino isn't a trek across northern Spain. … Continue reading The Way

What A Beginning!

It is the middle of the night of day three and I'm waiting for the Melatonin to kick in. I've had broken sleep until now because the muscle pain in my legs keep waking me up.  There seems no better time to capture my thoughts and experiences than now. We've walked 80 kilometers in three … Continue reading What A Beginning!


We are officially Peregrinos. We started our Camino today, well this afternoon at around 2:30 and wasn't another pilgrim in sight.  We were walking in the right direction, we followed the arrows and sea shells that lead the way, but we seemed alone. I couldn't figure out why. But as we walked on, I started … Continue reading Peregrinos

Up In The Air

As I begin to write this post we are somewhere over the Atlantic. I'm not exactly sure where, but we're getting close, probably and hour or two to landing. I'm anxious about our walk. I have no problem admitting it. It is the most craziest thing I've ever done in my life. Walking 400+ kilometers … Continue reading Up In The Air