And Soon It Will Begin….

I had a dream last night.  I don’t remember much of it.  But one thing that has clearly stuck to my conscious mind is the message (which I can still hear being said with a big, deep voice): Yooooou neeeeeeed to coooonnnnnect with yourrrrrr creeeeaaaativity agaaaaain. Yeah, yeah….I’m not surprised.  I’ve been missing writing, drawing, … Continue reading And Soon It Will Begin….

How Do You Kill a Mockingbird?

I’m a sun worshiper.  Not the type that lies on the beach all day long, but the type that simply loves the sun shining.  It can be the most bitterly cold day, or everything possible could be going wrong, but as long as the sun is shining, I’m OK and all is well. As I … Continue reading How Do You Kill a Mockingbird?

2014 & 2015

Dear Friends & Family, A couple of weeks ago I sat with a pen and paper and listed all my accomplishments in 2014. I was pleasantly surprised at the list because going into this exercise, I really didn't think much happened. And then I listed all the things that needed to be acknowledged in order … Continue reading 2014 & 2015