I’m In Suspenders

“Your comfort zone is what keeps you back from making, creating and innovating.” 

~ Greta Tomlin

Yesterday, on New Year’s Eve, I decided to share with you all my new ritual – reflecting on my accomplishments, my letting go and what I want to bring into the New Year.

One of the things on my list for this brand New Year is to write more, and that’s what I’m doing.  Over the last few (many) months I’ve received emails from you, my readers, asking if everything is ok, why I haven’t been writing and so on.  I’m very touched by your care and I have let you know in some way or another that yes, I am ok, but…

I just didn’t have anything to write about.  I lost my mojo.


You see, something happened in the last year and half, but I don’t know what.  Whatever happened squashed my connection to my creativity.  I could not even form a paragraph, could not write a poem.  I had absolutely no desire to string a sentence together. And when I did want to say something, I couldn’t string a sentence together.  When my domain name renewal came up I even contemplated putting this blog to rest and letting it expire.  However something inside of me told me that it wasn’t time and I paid the renewal fee and hung onto it, keeping it dormant but alive.  Yet, I still couldn’t or wouldn’t write.

This was quite troubling for me, especially since the few years before that were quite the ride.  I always managed to find my way, remain optimistic and look for the silver lining in things.  I have always been and still am a firm believer that there is some good that comes out of even the most difficult of times.  I had my creativity to fall back on, to help me sort through things, gather my thoughts, help me to remain focused – but not this time.

A couple of weeks ago when I sat down to write about my reflections on 2014 (and discovered how much I achieved) and what I want to manifest in 2015 something shifted in me.  I was even inspired to write a poem, something I haven’t done in years!  What this also did was light the fire inside of me to write, to be curious about things, to yearn for those lightbulb moments again.

So what happened?

And so, in my typical Smartie fashion, I went into my ethereal closet and grabbed my shovel and flashlight and begun to dig inside of me and shine the flashlight in the dark places.


And boy was I surprised by what I found out!

What I found out quite sucked to find out.  It wasn’t true that I had nothing to say.  I HAD and HAVE a lot to say.  But I felt like I was muzzled!  And the worst of it, it was ME that was doing the muzzling.

What the heck?

I was AFRAID to say what I wanted to say.  I was fearful of the repercussions to what I wanted to say. And so I didn’t say what I wanted to say.

What a friggin awakening this was for me!

My friends, a couple of weeks back when I did my lists, one of the items I resolved to do is to revive Smartie Knows in 2015.  As today is the first day of 2015, I’m doing just that.

This space is once again a sacred space for me that I share with you.  Through this coming year, I will share with you not only what I discovered, but also my accomplishments, my trials (not legal I hope), my thoughts (air-head sometimes), my deepest desires, my tear jerking times, my over-the-moon moments, my dark nights of the soul,  my curiosity and most of all, my lightbulb moments.

P.S. If you’re wondering why I’m in suspenders (which I make no reference to in this post besides the title), I just want to keep you in anticipation for what’s to come 🙂  So stay in suspenders for my next post.

Oh, here’s a question!  Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?


With love,



Out With The Old And Go Painting

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”  – Alfred Tennyson

It’s now 2013 and I couldn’t be happier!  I’m sad to see 2012 go, just like my daughter was last night, because it was such a great year.  It had its rough moments, downright difficult moments, but they were just moments.  Overall, the year was joyous!!  I had amazing experiences, great adventures, and I was surrounded by the people I love – who could ask for anything more? The fireworks shown brightly!

Fireworks light up Sydney harbour, Australia, during New Year celebrations

And now 2013 is going to be even better.  I wish for you the same thing.  My wish for you is to try new things, push yourself, change yourself.  And at the same time you’ll be changing the world around you.  My wish for you is to do things that you have never done before.  My wish for you is to not freeze, stop, worry that you can’t do something good, that you’re not good enough.  Who cares!  Don’t let fear get the best of you.  Nothing is perfect, no one is ever good enough, just do something!  Make mistakes, because you’re human!

Give this some thought.  Think about all the things that you wanted to accomplish in 2012 and what held you back. Then think about the brand new canvas that awaits you this year.  Imagine being a painter and painting the life you want.  Go Picasso! Paint your canvas!


I’m going to share something with you, which was shared with me by a wonderful woman, and friend Claudia.  She does this every year, and I did this last year, to ring in 2012.  Now granted, I didn’t do it to its fullest, and this exercise was already powerful, but this year I will.

From Claudia:

A great way to ring in the new. I’ve shared it with a few friends who’ve loved doing it, so I want to share it with you. As the saying goes, “Well begun is half done”, so I suggest you do this either on New Year’s eve or New Year’s day to get 2013 off to a wonderful start:

Start with a 10 – 15 minute meditation in which you set your attention on releasing the old and opening to the new.

On a piece of paper, hand write a list of all the things in 2012 that you’d like to let go of. This can include old patterns that don’t serve you, grudges or resentments you’re hanging on to, fears that hold you back, or circumstances that you’d like to change. It can also include not-useful habits such as eating too much sugar or not exercising. Make sure your list is as complete as possible with everything that didn’t work for you in 2012. My list is usually a few pages. If it’s easy for you to burn the list, then you can do that. If not, you can tear the list up in many pieces. As you release this list, imagine letting go of the energies that are represented on your list.

Now, on to creation. Make a list of all that you wish to create for yourself in 2013. Include the habits you’d like to embrace, the external circumstances you’d like to create, and the internal experiences you’d like to have (joy, freedom, ease, love, peace, acceptance of all that is, etc). Be as specific as possible. Read the list out loud (whether you’re alone or with others). Speaking it out adds more energy to it. Feel each item as though it’s actually happened.

Put the list in a special place, as a symbolic offering for your coming year.

Notice how you feel after doing this ritual. I always feel cleansed, lighter, renewed, and excited about what’s ahead.


To all of you, I wish you a fabulous year ahead!!